Whether it be workwear or protective wear, your clothing can make or break your day. Which is why every HAVEP collection is designed to look good, feel even better and deliver the highest levels of safety and personalised service. Find out which collection is perfect for you and your activities below. 

Protective wear

5Safety - Protective wear
Strengthen yourself!

  • Protection against 5 safety risks
  • Sportive appearance for a strong image
  • Unique design makes movement easier

5Safety Image+ - Protective wear
Hard werken, makkelijk en veilig.

  • Sporty look for a strong image
  • Four contemporary colours to choose from
  • Unique design for total freedom of movement

HAVEP® Protector Pro - Protective wear

  • Adapted to multiple activities and work environments
  • High-tech range made from 100% aramid
  • (Inherently) Flame resistant fabric
  • Extremely comfortable, lightweight fabric
  • Long lifespan

High Visibility - Protective wear

  • Sportive appearance
  • Unique fit
  • Field-tested

High Visibility Plus - Protective wear

  • Modern collection of high visibility-clothing (EN ISO 20471)
  • Extra strong material
  • Unique fit thanks to pre-formed trouser legs

Multi Protector - Protective wear

  • Protects against multiple hazards like: heat, fire, chemicals, electrical arcs and weld splash
  • Fluorescent colour and reflective tape for increased visibility (EN ISO 20471)
  • Complete collection for optimal wearing comfort and protection

Multi Shield - Protective wear
Feel like a hero. Act like a hero.

  • Inherently flame retardant safety clothing of the highest quality
  • Up to seven standards certified
  • Great wearing comfort thanks to a unique fit


Attitude - Workwear
Work with style, your style.

  • Super-strong work clothing of the highest quality
  • Modern and sportive appearance
  • Unique fit thanks to pre-shaped trouser legs

HAVEP Shift - Workwear
Feel free to move

  • Extremely tough and durable workwear made from the highest quality materials
  • Guaranteeing maximum comfort and freedom of movement 
  • Produced without the use of harmful chemicals or dyes

HAVEP Basic - Workwear
The all-time classic

  • The modern classic
  • Available in various qualites, colours and versions
  • Proven consistent quality
HAVEP Worker

HAVEP Worker - Workwear
Functional and comfortable

  • Optimum functionality and durability
  • Wide choice of colour schemes
  • Perfect fit and available in all standard length sizes




Your workwear is your calling card. Which is why it’s important the style of your workwear matches that of your company, while ensuring maximum comfort and manoeuvrability. Our workwear collections make a strong first impression while protecting you against the challenges you face on a daily basis such as working in cold environments or on your knees. Our workwear items also come with multiple pockets and other handy design features to keep tools within easy reach but never in the way. 

Our Attitude collection is the perfect embodiment of what we think workwear should be. This incredibly strong and durable workwear has a modern and sports-inspired look. Moreover, every single item has been rigorously tested in the field and is tailored for a perfect fit.

Protective wear

Protective wear

Do you work in dangerous environments, in the dark or in other high-risk situations on a regular basis? In that case, it’s essential that your workwear is reliable and fully compliant. Which is why all our protective wear meets the relevant safety standards, while also taking into account the needs of your body and your daily routine. For workwear that fits both you and your work to perfection. 

At HAVEP, you can choose from a wide variety of protective wear collections from our Multi Shield collection that meets no fewer than 7 standards, the High Visibility collection that makes sure you get noticed even in the dark and the 5Safety Image+ which offers protection from 5 key safety risks.

And like all our workwear, every item in our protective wear range can be adapted to your house style via our Custom Made service.