NEW: HAVEP Revolve

  • Optimal comfort and protection through technologies from outdoor sports.
  • Longer freshness thanks to HEIQ & Coffee Yarn.
  • Wide package for men and women.
  • Freedom of movement and comfort through 4-way stretch.

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You'll never work alone

Your workwear can make or break your day. Which is why HAVEP offers you the best possible comfort, style, safety and personalised service. Go for quality and the perfect feel!

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It’s important to feel good in your workwear. So you can step onto the work floor with total confidence. The Revolve collection is the perfect embodiment of what we think workwear should be. This strong workwear has an excellent fit; a sporty and modern look with an insulating 3-layer system.

Protective wear

Protective Wear

Our clothing is designed to keep you both comfortable and protected. From our High Visibility collection for when you have to be seen to the 5 built-in safety standards of our 5Safety Image + collection and the industry benchmark for standardised protective wear: Multi Protector +

Clone of HAVEP Shift - Workwear
Feel free to move

  • Extremely tough and durable workwear made from the highest quality materials
  • Guaranteeing maximum comfort and freedom of movement 
  • Produced without the use of harmful chemicals or dyes

Multi Protector + - Protective wear

  • Beschermt tegen meerdere risico’s zoals: hitte, vuur,chemicaliën, elektrische vlambogen en lasspatten
  • Fluo kleur en reflectieband voor een verhoogde zichtbaarheid (EN ISO 20471)
  • Complete collectie voor optimaal draagcomfort en bescherming

HAVEP® Protector Pro - Protective wear

  • Adapted to multiple activities and work environments
  • High-tech range made from 100% aramid
  • (Inherently) Flame resistant fabric
  • Extremely comfortable, lightweight fabric
  • Long lifespan
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HAVEP stands for

  • sustainability


    A better world begins with you. But changing the world on your own, that’s easier said than done. By choosing HAVEP, you are choosing for the future...

  • lamb


    Every moment counts. That’s why you should go for a partner that’s there for you, who works and thinks along with you. HAVEP comes with a suitable and durable solution when you need it. Do you think about tailor-made clothing, do you have a garment that needs a quick repair or do you want a fast delivery from our large standard stock? We are here.

  • attitude

    Work in style, your style

    Feeling good at work: it radiates from you in everything you do but is also revealed by your clothes. HAVEP stands for safe work and looking good. Together with you we design an outfit that is tailored to your body and your company. Work clothing with a personal touch, completely tailor-made. For each fit, the right design.

  • HAVEP 5Safety Image

    Tackle each job safely

    Working is top-class sport. A lot is demanded from you. And your clothing. That’s why it is important that you can always rely on good protection. HAVEP’s specialised advisors help you with your choice for the right clothing, completely tailored to your situation and needs. This way you can concentrate on what’s important to you: scoring with strong work.

HAVEP is more than just clothing


    analysis and advice

    Looking for ways to boost your sustainability as a business? But not sure where to start? We can help you take the first steps. We analyse the environmental impact of your current clothing package and give advice on how to optimise the lifecycle.

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  • Victor Bently

    collection and recycling

    We offer companies various possibilities for recycling old (work) clothing. One of them is the installation of a collection container at your site where you, your employees and/or visitors can deposit old clothing. And of course, when it’s full, we’ll come and pick it up again.

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  • Easy Sizing

    HAVEP Easy Sizing

    No more never-ending fitting sessions! Revolutionary new software makes it possible to measure someone’s size digitally. Two scans is all it takes to create an accurate 3D model of the human body in under 2 minutes.

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