havep 5safety image+


  • Sporty look for a strong image
  • Four contemporary colours to choose from
  • Unique design for total freedom of movement 
  • Industrial machine washable
  • Available with arc flash level 2 flame protection 

Go for top performance every day

Incredibly strong workwear of the highest quality: at HAVEP you can count on it! This fully renewed range of protective wear is extremely comfortable to wear, even when moving, while the robust, compliant execution ensures maximum protection from potential hazards at work. The workwear from the HAVEP® 5Safety Image+ collection adapts to the form of your body for an exceptional fit. Download the brochure discover all the smart design features that make this collection unique. 

You'll never work alone

HAVEP goes far beyond high-quality workwear, offering style, comfort and safety at the same time. All 100% tailored to your work environment. Together with you, we are proud to take the step from 150 years of tradition towards a sustainable future. We guarantee the highest levels of customer service. Because with HAVEP, you never work alone.


Work hard, work easy, work safe. That is what the HAVEP® 5Safety Image+ collection is all about. With flame retardant reflective tape, for example, guaranteeing high visibility. As well as a full line-up of knitwear that ensures you feel 100% safe even on colder days. All HAVEP® 5Safety Image+ items are industrial washable and meet the following standards:

Norm IEC 61482Norm EN1149Norm EN 13034Norm EN 343Norm EN ISO 11611Norm EN ISO 11612


All clothing items from the HAVEP® 5Safety Image+ collection have been designed for maximum comfort and wearability. The workwear has undergone extensive testing on the work floor and is perfectly adapted to the needs of your daily activities. The elastic straps in the overalls, for example, enable complete freedom of movement. The jacket also comes with extra rear pleats and inserts under the arms for greater manoeuvrability. And the trousers are made from a lighter fabric for greater comfort. Download the brochure and discover all the intelligent solutions that make this collection unique. 


Your workwear is your calling card. Which is why it’s essential that the look and feel of your workwear matches who you are and what you do. The HAVEP® 5Safety Image+ collection now comes with a more sporty look, ensuring you feel as good as you look every time you step out onto the work floor. 

This new range of protective wear is available as standard in four contemporary colour combinations:

  • Royal Blue - Navy
  • Black - Charcoal
  • Charcoal - Royal Blue
  • Charcoal - Red


Even when your workwear is no longer wearable, it is still useful! So instead of throwing it away, help us give it a new life. Our Collect & Recycle service makes it easy for you to recycle and easy for us to give your old workwear a new purpose. Turning it, for example, into flame-retardant insulation material. Together for a sustainable future. 


Wil je weten waar je op moet letten bij het kiezen van de juiste Protective Wear collectie van HAVEP en welke het beste bij jouw werk past? Lees er dan alles over in onze nieuwe Safety brochure en kom alles te weten over de rol van HAVEP als jouw safety expert.

Download hier de brochure.


Discover these essential extras to complement your HAVEP® 5Safety Image+ gear such as thermal pants, balaclavas and long-sleeved thermal shirts. For a complete and completely safe work outfit. The jacket can also be fitted with a zip-in, flame retardant fleece vest. To ensure maximum safety at work, even on colder days. 

HAVEP® 5Safety Image +