new office HAVEP

Our new sustainable and circular office building

After 157 years HAVEP moved from an industrial heritage site to a unique and future-proof building in April 2022.
The old and new location are only 200 meters apart and mark the history and future of HAVEP in Goirle.

Designed by Paul de Ruiter Architects, the most circular utility building in the Benelux has been realised here. The awning, for instance, consists of recycled construction parts from the old HAVEP building, and the 1,100 wooden Iroko planks on the façade originate from another special donor building; the monumental Tripolis buildings at the Amsterdam Zuidas.
The other materials are mainly bio-based and recyclable. For example, the wooden supporting structure is fully demountable. By using flax as an insulation source, as well as 1,200 existing and 400 new solar panels and heat pumps, the building is energy-neutral. Recycled materials were also used for the interior. In the new warehouse, the existing shelving is used, and the furniture and lights have also been partly taken over.

The new HAVEP company building is flexible in use. The shape of the building, the construction and the installation system have been designed in such a way that changes can easily be made to the building in the future without having to demolish parts of it.

Paul de Ruiter, architect: 

"HAVEP's new company building is a trendsetter in the field of circular and bio-based construction. At HAVEP, people are the central focus. By making optimal use of daylight, a view of the green surroundings and a layout that encourages movement and meeting, the new HAVEP building also contributes to the wellbeing of the users."

A new residential area is being created at HAVEP's old location on Bergstraat and the area has been redeveloped. The industrial heritage will be integrated. In the district "Land van Anna" a mix of 180 sustainable houses will be built, including 42 social housing units.