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  • Super-strong work clothing of the highest quality
  • Modern and sportive appearance
  • Unique fit thanks to pre-shaped trouser legs
  • Field-tested
  • Custom made: available in your house style

Essentials for every tradesperson

Every item from the HAVEP® Attitude collection has been thoroughly tested by professionals. Our designers then optimise each item on the basis of their findings, down to the smallest details. Which is why this collection is packed with smart features that not only ensure a more enjoyable work day but also longer-lasting workwear.

You'll never work alone

HAVEP goes far beyond high-quality workwear, offering style, comfort and safety at the same time. All 100% tailored to your work environment. Together with you, we are proud to take the step from 150 years of tradition towards a sustainable future. We guarantee the highest levels of customer service. Because with HAVEP, you never work alone.


Safety is always our primary concern at HAVEP. Which is why the Attitude collection also comes with a variety of intelligent solutions that make your work day even safer. The majority of the trousers in the collection therefore come with knee pockets made from robust Cordura® fabric and adapted for individual knee pads that provide extra protection for your knees. Reflective accents also ensure maximum visibility in the dark. The Attitude collection meets the following standards:

Norm EN 343  en 14404


A lot of attention has gone into ensuring superior comfort when designing the HAVEP® Attitude collection. Resulting in numerous extra features such as:

  • Elastic, breathable fabric behind the knees.
  • Pre-formed trouser legs.
  • Cordura® reinforcements at strategic locations such as the crotch.


The workwear from the Attitude collection is made for go-getters. Ambitious, dynamic tradespeople who understand how their workwear contributes to that all-important first impression. Which is why every item has a contemporary, sporty look and can be customised to match your house style, even in small quantities.


Our workwear is made with an eye for the future. Thanks to triple stitched seams and incredibly strong Cordura® fabric, you can be sure your Attitude workwear will last a long time. Which is good for you but also for the environment. And best of all, when you are finished wearing it, you can give it back to us. We’ll make sure the materials it contains are given a second life.

Discover the new havep® attitude jeans

The HAVEP® Attitude collection has recently been extended with a special new addition: HAVEP® Attitude jeans. These revolutionary jeans blur the boundaries between workwear and streetwear. An incredibly tough and durable pair of jeans with an excellent tailored fit (for both men and women) that you can also wear on the work floor. 

These great-looking jeans are also made from 66% recycled cotton and come with the HAVEP® Green Choice label.