EN 14404

EN 14404

Knee protectors for work in a kneeling position

HaVeP supplies clothing that has been certified according to the EN 14404 type 2 standard. This relates to trousers, overalls and bib-and-brace overalls with knee pockets. The clothing’s label includes the property VP-00. EN14404: 2004 + A1: 2010: is the recently updated European standard that has been developed to assess industrial kneepads.

What does this standard entail?

EN 14404 solely applies in combination with certified knee pads, which you can obtain from HaVeP. In combination with the kneepads, EN 14404 applies to all HaVeP standard workwear with knee pockets. All HaVeP workwear garments with knee pockets therefore comply with EN 14404.

The measurements prescribed for kneepads depend on the size of the garment in which they are used. Van Puijenbroek kneepads (VP-00) can be used for all garment sizes.


Three properties of knee protectors are tested: penetration resistance, force distribution and shock absorption. Two levels of protection can be provided. The VP knee protector VP-00 has been tested according to and meets the requirements for EN14404 level 1.

Level 1: requires knee pads to provide protection on a surface on which the wearer will not generally risk injury from lying objects more than 1 cm high. Penetration resistance of at least 100 N.

Level 2: requires kneepads to be able to withstand use under heavy conditions, such as kneeling on stones in mines and quarries. Penetration resistance of at least 250 N.