HAVEP® Protector Pro

HAVEP® Protector Pro

  • Adapted to multiple activities and work environments
  • High-tech range made from 100% aramid
  • (Inherently) Flame resistant fabric
  • Extremely comfortable, lightweight fabric
  • Long lifespan


You'll never work alone

HAVEP goes far beyond high-quality workwear, offering style, comfort and safety at the same time. All 100% tailored to your work environment. Together with you, we are proud to take the step from 150 years of tradition towards a sustainable future. We guarantee the highest levels of customer service. Because with HAVEP, you never work alone.


The HAVEP® Protector Pro collection guarantees superior protection thanks to the extensively tested aramid fibre. Which means this collection is fully certified to meet the top-5 safety standards, making it ideally suited to a broad range of activities. To help you work with ease and with total peace of mind.

Norm IEC 61482Norm EN1149Norm EN 13034Norm EN ISO 11611Norm EN ISO 11612


The HAVEP® Protector Pro collection is the result of a meticulous design process. Both the fit and fabric density have been chosen to maximise wearer comfort and each and every item has been extensively field tested. So you can be sure that your workwear is perfectly adapted to your daily tasks, with multiple storage options to keep your hands free for what matters: your work.


Your workwear, as the word suggests, is for wearing while you work. But your workwear is also your calling card. So it’s important that it fits what you do in terms of looks as well. The HAVEP® Protector Pro collection comes in one standard colour combination but can be fully customised according to your company colours and/or logo via our Custom Made service. To make sure you both look and feel good every time you step onto the work floor.


Even when your workwear has served its purpose, it can still be used for another! So don’t throw it away but help us give it a new life. Our Collect & Recycle service makes it easy for you to recycle your old workwear and put it to good use. By transforming it, for instance, into fireproof insulation material. Because a sustainable future is something we all build together!