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HAVEP® Multi Shield

  • Inherently flame retardant safety clothing of the highest quality
  • Up to seven standards certified
  • Great wearing comfort thanks to a unique fit
  • Sportive appearance
  • Custom made options (brand colours)


The HAVEP® Multi Shield collection has no less than 7 certified standards for ultimate safety on the work floor. The garments are also inherently flame retardant thanks to the addition of Modacryl. Nothing can happen to you. 

Norm IEC 61482Norm EN1149Norm EN 13034Norm EN 343Norm EN ISO 11611Norm EN ISO 11612Norm EN ISO 20471


The garments have a well thought-out and comfortable fit. They feel soft and supple thanks to the addition of Lyocell. The hero status belongs to the parka, which has besides six standards, also the highest EN343 class, or, the highest breathability. This allows you to focus on what’s important: your work. Experience the comfort of our Multi Shield collection and request a fitting session or sample box from your account manager.


We all know how important clothing can be in making a professional impression. Of course you want to look good. Even when you’re at work. But when it comes to work clothing, for many professions and branches the highest priority is safety. Logical, because you and your employer can’t take any risk. Too many times the important things like appearance and comfort are pushed to the background while these two elements do have an enormous impact on your work day.

That’s why HAVEP launches a completely new collection of highly standardised safety clothing that has both the fit and the looks: HAVEP® Multi Shield. This new concept has been developed by a team of designers who, besides guaranteeing the most important standards, have also given lots of attention to the quality and fit of the clothing. The entire collection is industrial washable while able to maintain the standards. This makes HAVEP® Multi Shield a breakthrough in the market of standardised personal protection equipment.


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From now on you are untouchable

Discover HAVEP® Multi Shield. The new generation of safety clothing that wears nice and light, looks good and offers 100% protection against the risks that come with your work. Choose for safety, comfort, appearance and sustainability.

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Who wants to feel powerful, must dress powerful. HAVEP® Multi Shield was developed with exactly that idea in mind. Because not only do you want safety and comfort, you also want to look good at work. Following the success of the HAVEP® Attitude range, we succeeded in developing a complete collection of standardised clothing that meet these demands for its wearer. HAVEP® Multi Shield makes you feel confident. Feeling good.


In the field of safety, comfort and appearance is HAVEP® Multi Shield the undisputed winner. But the new safety clothing also scores high in sustainability. The used Lyocell fabric saves more water compared to cotton. Choose one of the HAVEP products with the Green Choice label for an even more sustainable choice.

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HAVEP chooses for solar energy 

HAVEP chooses for solar energy 

Sustainability is a top priority at HAVEP. Which is why we recently installed no fewer than 1,200 solar panels on our roof. Curious as to how much green energy they generate? 

Unique initiative for sustainable work clothing 

Unique initiative for sustainable work clothing 

Fully circular production is only possible with full transparency and an open mind when it comes to co-creative clusters. The Dutch Circulair Workwear Association is a new association that aims to stimulate the sustainable and circular production of workwear.

HAVEP joins Network Circular Purchasing Flanders

HAVEP joins Network Circular Purchasing Flanders

We signed the “Green Deal” on 8 June 2017, a project whose goal is to facilitate the transition towards a fully circular economy. 132 companies signed the Green Deal, an important step towards making the circular economy a reality. 


Albert Linssen

Albert Linssen

Account Manager HAVEP England