Agri-, Horticulture & Fishing

They really know how to work: those workers in agri and horticulture. They are ready for all kinds of weather, rain or sunshine. The alarm goes off early so efficiency, also in clothing is an absolute must-have. It is not surprising that the coverall is much loved within this sector, but also a good body warmer or supple softshell is essential. Besides, employees in this sector also have to deal with dangerous situations for which they need standardised clothing. High visibility for example.


  • Reliable and flexible on delivery times
  • Advice and guidance for more durability in your clothing
  • Analysis and advice current clothing set
  • Broad choice in durable textiles
  • Innovating eco-friendly techniques
  • Small order series
  • Very broad assortment
  • Extensive sizing

Norms for the Agri-, Horticulture & Fishing

The work wear and safety clothing of Havep complies with the latest ISO and EN standards.
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