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Sustainable collections

At HAVEP, we like to be upfront and transparent. Which is why all our sustainable products bear the ‘Green Choice’ label. And as you may have noticed, this label appears on more and more of the products in our collections. A trend we are very proud of. All products that carry the Green Choice label contain sustainably-produced fabrics, are recyclable and/or circular in production. In addition to our sustainable collections, we also have a wide range of sustainable fabrics which you can choose during the design of your own bespoke workwear. 

HAVEP® Attitude jeans

For those who prefer to just wear jeans to work, we have developed HAVEP® Attitude jeans. These jeans are a recent addition to our successful Attitude collection and are made from 66% recycled denim. The denim used in the production of Attitude jeans comes mainly from offcuts from other factories. The cotton fibres in these offcuts are more than sufficient for spinning new yarn, so it would be a shame to simply throw it away. 

Attitude jeans are stylish, practical and of course just as strong as other items from the Attitude collection. The same quality you would expect from HAVEP, and sustainable produced to boot. The jeans are available in both men’s and women’s models and carry the REMO label. Scan this label and you can see how much energy, water and CO2 are saved during the production of these recycled jeans. The label also shows the entire journey your clothing has made from raw materials to finished product. Just another way in which we contribute to the transparency of our way of working. 

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HAVEP® Multi Shield

HAVEP is proud to introduce its new multi-standard line: the HAVEP® Multi Shield. A range of products that satisfy no fewer than 7 strict safety and environmental standards and is therefore suitable for operations in the chemicals and transport sector. All items in the HAVEP® Multi Shield range are made from sustainable Tencel® / Lyocell fabrics. These fabrics are made from sustainably-produced wood pulp and are incredible soft, absorbent and breathable. That means that in addition to being environmentally-friendly, the new HAVEP® Multi Shield range is also more comfortable for the wearer than conventional multi-standard clothing. Better for the environment and better for you. 

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Looking for workwear you and your people will be proud to wear? The HAVEP® Shift collection will help you find a higher gear! Stylish and extremely comfortable, every item is also made from sustainable, bluesign®-certified fabrics in decent and fair working conditions. That’s how HAVEP® Shift helps create a better (work) environment, not just for you but for everyone!

The HAVEP Shift collection is made from Bluesign®- certificated fabric.

Most of the items in the SHIFT collection also come with a HAVEP Green Choice logo which garuantees it is made from:
  • Sustainable materials such as organic cotton, Tencel®,/Lyocell and/or recycled PET, polyester or cotton
  • Recyclable materials such as cradle-to-cradle cotton or recyclable polyester.
  • Bluesign® certificated fabric.

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