Public Utilities

Utility companies have lots of challenges to deal with. The increase in regulations, the rising pressure from the consumer for lower prices and the need for cleaner energy amongst others. That last one is about durable entrepreneurship, a growing focus in this sector. HAVEP has durable entrepreneurship in its genes. “Durability isn’t dreaming but doing”, is our motto. Propagate your sustainability-message and choose for a partner that moves along with you, suits you and who always has the bigger picture in mind: tomorrow’s world.


  • Specialist in corporate identity projects
  • Advice and guidance for more durability in your clothing
  • Broad expertise in safety clothing
  • Safety analysis for the best protection
  • Analysis and advice current clothing set
  • Broad choice in durable textiles
  • Collecting and recycling of clothing
  • Personal advice HAVEP stylists and designers

Norms for the Public Utilities

The work wear and safety clothing of Havep complies with the latest ISO and EN standards.
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