HAVEP High Visibility

HAVEP® High Visibility Plus

  • Modern collection of high visibility-clothing (EN ISO 20471)
  • Extra strong material
  • Unique fit thanks to pre-formed trouser legs
  • Extra reflection on the shoulders for an increased visibility while working bent over
  • Knee pockets that are easily accessed from the top

HAVEP® High Visibility +

Every item from the HAVEP® High Visibility collection has undergone extensive field testing and subsequent optimisation. Which is why this collection is packed with unexpected solutions that make your day all the more pleasurable. Such as the extended back panel on the jacket, preformed trouser legs, pockets with Velcro® fasteners and of course reflective elements in unexpected but important places. You carry out your job with passion and determination and now that will be all the more visible. 

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You'll never work alone

HAVEP goes far beyond high-quality workwear, offering style, comfort and safety at the same time. All 100% tailored to your work environment. Together with you, we are proud to take the step from 150 years of tradition towards a sustainable future. We guarantee the highest levels of customer service. Because with HAVEP, you never work alone.


When you’re on the job, you need reliable, high-visibility work wear you can rely on. Preferably without compromising on style! No matter what the weather or the conditions, you’re sure to stand out with HAVEP® High Visibility. Every item has been designed to suit the most common everyday activities. Using, for example, darker colours in places that typically get easily soiled. Making sure that you – but not your stains! – are visible.


Even when your work wear reaches the end of its lifespan, it can still be put to good use. So whatever you do, don’t throw it out but help us give it a second life. Our Collect & Recycle service makes recycling easier than ever, so we can turn your old work clothes into something new. Like flame-retardant insulation material, for instance. Because a sustainable future is something we build together.


HAVEP® High Visibility is the unmissable collection that makes sure you’ll never be missed again! An approved Protective Wear collection, it is perfectly suited to all kinds of practical situations, meeting all the visibility requirements of your sector and trade. You never know what each work day will bring. But with HAVEP® High Visibility, you can be sure of the best possible start. The collection also includes a number of items in RWS configuration. The HAVEP® High Visibility collection meets the following standards:

Norm EN 343 Norm EN ISO 20471



Every item of clothing in the HAVEP® High Visibility collection is the result of extensive field testing. From the elasticated waist to the press studs on the sleeves or elasticated cuffs, nothing has been left out to ensure maximum comfort and convenience. Also ensuring that your outfit is a perfect match for your body so you can concentrate 100% on your work.


The HAVEP® High Visibility collection is standard available in two different colour combinations:

  • Fluo yellow – navy blue
  • Fluo orange – navy blue

Which colour combination suits you best, depends on your work circumstances. Fluo yellow generally stands out more because of its high luminosity. But Fluo orange is the best choice when you need to work in the snow for example, because this colour stands out better against white. Do you prefer a different colour combination for your work clothing? It is possible of course. Our Custom Made service, adjusts the work clothing to your demands..

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HAVEP® High Visibility +

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