havep circular solution jeans made from cuttings

Circular solution: jeans made from cuttings

At HAVEP we want 90% of our produced work clothing to be circular in 2025. How we want to achieve this target? By exploring innovations and investing in long-term solutions. A perfect example of our sustainable innovations are the HAVEP® Attitude jeans, a pair of very strong jeans made from cuttings.


The urgency of circular entrepreneurship

The textile industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. The production of raw materials like cotton is very stressful for the environment. Also not enough is being recycled: out of the 8 billion kilograms of textile waste that circulates within Europe every year, only 2 billion is collected for reuse.

Fortunately, we see within the textile industry an increasing awareness that this can’t go on any longer. And we at HAVEP want to be the leader in this sustainable development.


Creative reuse

We saw for example in our own company that large quantities of cuttings were thrown away every year. Together with our partners REMO and ECAP we found a creative solution for these cuttings. Nowadays we use a part of our pre-consumer cuttings for our new HAVEP® Attitude jeans, a pair of jeans that is for 66% made from recycled material. Because these cuttings have never been worn or washed, they are as good as new. So it’s very suitable as a raw material for new clothing.


A large saving

By reusing our pre-consumer cuttings we save a huge amount of water and energy. To be precise: 8.35 kWh and 4600 litres of water per kilo of fabric that we produce. That is a saving equal to using your phone for 1524 days and drinking 23,000 cups of coffee.


Transparent entrepreneurship

At HAVEP we find transparency very important. For our Attitude jeans we therefore collaborate with the Dutch certification system Remokey. Their Remo-label shows which road the material in a garment has travelled. The Remo-label tells you amongst others:

  • What’s the percentage of recycled material?
  • Where was your garment produced?
  • How much energy, water and CO2 has each step cost?

The REMO-label makes the production process a lot more transparent, what hopefully ensures a stronger involvement with both the producer and the wearer.


Choose for a sustainable future

The HAVEP® Attitude jeans are a good example of how a few small adjustments can make a huge difference. Think of solutions instead of problems and work with us on a circular economy.