Texperience Center for Business partners

Texperience Center for business partners

There’s a big chance that you, as one of HAVEP’s customers or relations, have been inside the Texperience Center. Every day we meet purchasers of company clothing and relations from wholesalers and laundries. This is where they come to refresh their knowledge about HAVEP’s unique solutions and get acquainted with the possibilities of textiles. Did you know that we also organise special trainings in personal protection at work? Haven’t you visited us yet, then we want to invite you. The coffee is ready.

Presenting and meeting in style

It’s good to meet people in an environment that’s inspiring. Are you looking for a space to organise a business meeting or do you want to come up with new ideas in a new environment? The Texperience Center is the ideal place for both smaller as well as larger groups (max. 100 persons).

We have hot-desking facilities, a closed meeting room for ten persons and an auditorium suitable for 65 persons with a projector and professional sound equipment. Do you want to book all the rooms of the Texperience Center? That’s possible.

Support your meeting with various audio-visual means, like the 55” Multi-Touch Screen and the video conference tool for teleconferencing.  The entire Texperience Center has Wi-Fi of course.


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Custom Made

The Texperience Center has besides business rooms also creative rooms. The workshop is a perfect example of that. At the heart of the Center you can really experience the specialist textile solutions. The many fabric qualities, thousands of haberdasheries and innovations in personal protection equipment are giving enough food for thought.

Please walk around on your own or with our experts and develop your ideas afterwards on the 55” Multi-Touch Screen. HAVEP is unique in the development of custom made company clothing. We adapt existing models to your wishes or even create a whole new clothing package, starting from small numbers. It’s possible!


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“Hospitality, lots of parking space, highly representative accommodation, modern electronics.”


Fredo Prang Account manager Safety, Biesheuvel Techniek


Because you’re in the neighbourhood, because you want to be away from the familiar office walls, because the atmosphere is so good and the coffee tastes great. Inside the Texperience Center are various hot-desking spots where our relations can always settle down to work in peace. Two work spots have their own desktop and the entire Center is equipped with Wi-Fi.


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Personal and specialist coaching

The world of textiles goes beyond textile. In the field of personal protection equipment are a lot of issues to think about: safety standards, sustainability, design. HAVEP has lots of specialist knowledge and advises you with all of your questions.

Our AVAG-certified account managers know all about safety regulations and standards and our designers help you to translate practical situations into a clothing design. The Texperience Center is all about personal and specialist coaching.


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“You are quickly in harmony with the people from HAVEP and working with the screens is brilliant.”


Carin Maathuis Director, BDP International

Company tour

There used to be an old weaving mill where the Texperience Center now stands. In certain areas you can still see the authentic elements. On the grounds in Goirle are the various departments of Koninklijke Van Puijenbroek Textiel and also a few listed buildings and details are there to discover. We organise tours through the entire company for groups that consist of maximum 20 persons. Are you interested? Please call or email us.


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Courses and trainings

Whether it’s a basic textile course or a more specialist training regarding fabrics, fibres, raw materials and standards: HAVEP educates! Even if you just want to introduce yourself to HAVEP, we always have time for you. We tell you how and why HAVEP sees its product as a service and comment on questions about service, sustainability, safety and appearance; the pillars of the brand.


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“Primarily that I can show my customers all the possibilities. And your reception of course!”


Roel Willemse Product Specialist Clothing and PPE, Destil BV

HAVEP events

Launching a new collection, an inspiring congress about the latest branch developments, the business partner event you don’t want to miss. HAVEP frequently organises interesting meetings and seminars for her relations and branch partners. Follow us on Facebook and you will always know what’s on the agenda. Let yourself be inspired!


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“Modern sleek appearance, with lots of possibilities.”


Frank Bronneberg Product Specialist Safety, Destil BV