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At HAVEP, you’ll find a wide range of professional clothing to meet all major and internationally recognised safety standards. From durable, comfortable and functional workwear to full protective wear. Read more about our collections and find the ideal outfit for your needs. To work with a smile on your face, each and every day. And to make sure you’ll never work alone.



Your workwear is your calling card. It’s important you feel good in it, so you can project that same confidence to your (prospective) customers. Which is why we pay extra attention to the cut and fit of our workwear collections. Every item has been designed to ensure a robust look while also protecting against the everyday challenges you face at work, from working in cold environments to working on your knees. 

Want workwear that fits your company’s colours and house style, too? Our Custom Made service is at your disposal. From minor adjustments to fully tailormade designs. And all this, even for small minimum orders!

Protective wear

Protective Wear

Do you work in dangerous environments, in the dark or other high-risk situations on a regular basis? In that case, it’s essential to choose workwear you can count on to perform when you need it to, while also meeting the relevant safety standards. As well as keeping you safe, however, your workwear should also keep you comfortable and looking good, for a truly satisfying day’s work. 

That’s why our protective wear collections don’t just take safety requirements into account but also the needs of your body and your daily routine. To make sure your new workwear fits both you and your work to perfection. And like all our workwear, every item in our protective wear range can be adapted to your house style via our Custom Made service.


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Multi Shield

Multi Shield

Introducing HAVEP® Multi Shield. The new generation of safety clothing that feels good, looks great and offers 100% protection against the risks you face on a daily basis. For maximum safety, comfort, style and sustainability.


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HAVEP Force - Protective wear
Veelzijdig inzetbaar

  • Voldoet aan de 4 meest vereiste veiligheidsnormen
  • Inzetbaar in diverse werksituaties
  • Ruime keuze in kleurstellingen
  • Industrieel wasbaar

HAVEP Shift - Workwear
Feel free to move

  • Extremely tough and durable workwear made from the highest quality materials
  • Guaranteeing maximum comfort and freedom of movement 
  • Produced without the use of harmful chemicals or dyes

5Safety Image plus - Protective wear
Hard werken, makkelijk en veilig.

  • Sporty look for a strong image
  • Four contemporary colours to choose from
  • Unique design for total freedom of movement
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