havep green choice label

Choose sustainable workwear, choose the HAVEP® Green Choice label

We want to make our company as environmentally friendly as possible. That is why in 2025 we want to have a workwear collection that is for 90% circular. Everyday we work on making our collection more sustainable and we developed the HAVEP® Green Choice label to show you what we have already accomplished. This label helps you to make a conscious, sustainable choice and makes it easy to spot the environmentally friendly highlights of our collection.

Together we can change the world

One of the things that is very important to us is an open, transparent communication. We want to be honest to ourselves, and to our customers and business partners. We will tell you what we have accomplished so far, but also where we still need to improve. This way we can work together on sustainable solutions.

By 2025 we want our collection to be 90% circular. To accomplish this there are a few important steps we need to take:

  • Use raw materials that don’t damage the environment and that are biologically degradable or reusable.
  • Use recycled content and/or sustainable materials where possible, without compromising on the quality or requirements of the end product.
  • We want to have a ‘next use’ for all our products.

Choose Green

The new HAVEP® Green Choice label is an important step towards a more transparent communication. If you apply the HAVEP® Green Choice filter to our collection you can see immediately which of our products are a sustainable choice. By choosing these items you help reduce the ecological footprint of the textile industry significantly.

A product receives the HAVEP® Green Choice label if:

  • It is made of a fabric from sustainably produced fibres, like organic cotton, Tencel®/Lyocell, recycled PET or recycled cotton.
  • It is made of a recyclable raw material, like cradle-to-cradle cotton or recyclable polyester.

With the HAVEP® Green Choice label we show you where we stand as a company. That’s why we are so proud of the HAVEP® Multi Shield collection: our first collection of certified work clothing of which a considerable amount of pieces was rewarded with the HAVEP® Green Choice label. Choose sustainable workwear. Choose HAVEP® Green Choice products.