HAVEP Attitude jeans

Sustainable and trendy: discover the HAVEP Attitude jeans

The HAVEP Attitude collection was recently extended with a very special addition: the HAVEP® Attitude jeans. These revolutionary jeans blur the boundaries between work clothing and casual clothing. Attitude jeans are strong jeans, with a good fit (for both men and women), you simply wear to your work. And you wear these cool jeans feeling extra good, because they were made from sustainable materials.

Hardwearing jeans, made with conviction

The Attitude jeans are for 66% made of recycled materials. The cotton of our jeans is as good as new because it hasn’t been washed or worn yet. We are talking about pre-consumer cuttings: cuttings that are left over after cutting out pattern pieces for other jeans. These leftovers are usually thrown away, but we collect, spin, weave and manufacture them into new hardwearing HAVEP® jeans.

Because it’s mostly recycled materials that are used to produce the HAVEP® Attitude jeans, we save a huge amount of water and energy. To be precise: 8.35 kWh and 4,600 litres of water per kilo of fabric that we produce for the HAVEP® Attitude jeans. A saving that is the equivalent of using your phone for 1524 days and drinking 23,000 cups of coffee.

Know what you wear

Do you want to know where the material comes from that we used for your jeans? The REMO-label on the inside of your jeans tells you the route that the material has taken before it was processed into your jeans. HAVEP has set itself the target of achieving a 90% circular operation by 2025. ECAP, the European Clothing Action Plan, supports this and unites chain partners with the same vision to achieve this result.

Sustainable work clothing with the perfect fit

In designing the Attitude jeans a lot of attention was paid to the fit and of course we designed separate models for both men and women. You put these sustainable jeans on with a smile and wear them after work with just as much pleasure. Have you completely worn your jeans out? Then simply recycle them again.