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HAVEP, service of the highest level

HAVEP would like to go much further with you than quality work clothing. We offer you style, comfort and safety – 100% personalized, tailored to your work situation.

Welcome at HAVEP

Better than anyone, we know how important tailor-made work clothing is. That's why we take the step together with you from 150 years of tradition towards a durable future.

Our vision

To keep our service at the highest level, we constantly work on 4 basic values. They determine how we combine quality and innovation with style, comfort and safety.

  • Durability

    Sustainability is about doing, not dreaming

    Is your company thinking more and more green? HAVEP can help you on the road to greater sustainability. By recycling your old work clothes into new, sustainably-produced workwear. Using innovative technology to make clothing from eco-friendly wood fibres.

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  • Service

    Leave any worry in the right hands

    At HAVEP you will find the ‘fitting’ solution for your question even until the very last moment. Are you looking for new durable or tailor-made clothing; is a garment in need for repair or do you want a quick delivery from our large standard stock: it can be done simple and flexible.

  • Appearance

    Work in style, your style

    Feeling good at work: it radiates from you through everything you do. But also through the clothing that you wear. HAVEP takes care of that. Together with you we give shape to a unique outfit tailored to both your body and company: beautiful, super comfortable and perfectly safe of course.

  • Safety

    Tackle each job safely

    Working sometimes looks like pure professional sport. Every now and then it gets rough and fast and a lot is demanded from you. And your clothing. That’s why it is important that you can rely on the right protection. HAVEP’s specialized advisors will help you searching for the safest clothing step by step.

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HAVEP is all about service for you and your company. Are you a dealer, buyer, laundry or professional? Have a look at our ‘fitted’ solutions for your specific question.