Installation & Maintenance

Every industrial environment requires maintenance. Think of electrotechnical and mechanical engineering installations, transport installations and infrastructural facilities. Their maintenance is essential to keep a workplace safe and reliable. Maintenance workers are more exposed to all kinds of dangers than any other employee. They carry a huge responsibility and a suitable set of work clothing goes with it. With standardised safety clothing that’s precisely tuned to the work situation, you can work responsibly and limit the personal risks to a minimum.


  • Reliable and flexible on delivery times
  • Broad expertise in safety clothing
  • Safety analysis for the best protection
  • Analysis and advice current clothing set
  • Repair service
  • Strong in safety risks
  • Specialized AVAG-certified advisors
  • Broad and complete expertise in standards

Norms for the Installation & Maintenance

The work wear and safety clothing of Havep complies with the latest ISO and EN standards.
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