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Our Social Responsibility

Making workwear that keeps you safe and feeling and good, which is also produced with respect for nature and society… that is our goal. Not an easy one, but we sincerely believe that a circular economy without waste of natural resources is possible if we all work together. Together for a sustainable future!

Guaranteeing good working conditions 

Sustainability doesn’t just apply to materials and production processes. It also applies to people. For that very reason, HAVEP has been a member of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) for several years now. We also run our own workshops, to make sure all our work clothing is produced under good labour conditions. 

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logo fwfHAVEP is a member of Fair Wear Foundation

Fair wear

Fair Wear

Together with the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF), we take an active role in guaranteeing fair wages, 8-hour work days and safe working conditions in all our workshops. Thanks to FWF, workers from all over the work have a platform on which to stand up for themselves and their rights. A praiseworthy initiative which we are proud to have been a constant part of ever since its founding in 2004. 

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Work spaces, processes and safety as a function of our employees 

To make absolutely sure that all our employees around the world can work in safe conditions, we insist on working with our own workshops and offices. FWF conducted an audit of our new workshop in Macedonia in 2014 and concluded that it was a prime example of a confection-industry workshop. A great compliment for our Macedonian team.

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More about CSR?

Have questions about what Corporate Social Responsibility means at HAVEP? Or want to know more about our specific objectives? We would be happy to talk more about it by phone or e-mail.


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Sustainability is a top priority at HAVEP. Which is why we recently installed no fewer than 1,200 solar panels on our roof. Curious as to how much green energy they generate? 


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Unique initiative for sustainable work clothing

Fully circular production is only possible with full transparency and an open mind when it comes to co-creative clusters. The Dutch Circulair Workwear Association is a new association that aims to stimulate the sustainable and circular production of workwear.


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HAVEP joins Network Circular Purchase Flanders

We signed the “Green Deal” on 8 June 2017, a project whose goal is to facilitate the transition towards a fully circular economy. 132 companies signed the Green Deal, an important step towards making the circular economy a reality.