HAVEP joins Network Circular Purchasing Flanders

HAVEP joins Network Circular Purchasing Flanders

Logical step for our family business", says Anna van Puijenbroek, CEO van HAVEP

HAVEP takes part in the project Green Deal Circular Purchasing. This project fits in with Circular Flanders, a program developed by OVAM that works on a transition towards a circular economy. The participation of HAVEP suits our circular ambitions. We want circular company clothing to become the norm. The first initiatives have already been realised in the Netherlands and Belgium. Since the beginning of this year, containers were placed at our customers to collect clothing. This clothing is then processed into building materials, sports bags and so much more. We want to use more and more recycled clothing as input for new clothing. This is currently in development. Many possibilities still have to be explored, but HAVEP wants to remain a leader in Flanders and the Netherlands in the area of circular textiles.

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Launch and signing of Green Deal

Thursday 8 June saw the launch of the Green Deal together with Belgian minister Schauvliege. HAVEP signed the Green Deal together with 132 companies, public authorities and advisory bodies. More than 25% of the purchasers who signed have the ambition to switch to circular textiles. When purchasing work clothing for their employees amongst others, they think about reusing or recycling the materials at a later stage. By signing the first Green Deal of public authority Circular Flanders they made that commitment.

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Circular boost by changing purchasing policy

Circular purchasing is an important leverage for this change. With their purchase policy, governments, companies and other organisations are able to give a boost to circular products and services. That’s why in 2017, Circular Flanders is working on a Green Deal Circular Purchasing in Flanders. With this Green Deal they want to help realising more than 100 circular purchasing projects within two years and develop, share and spread knowledge about circular purchasing.


Logical step for our family business

“It’s logical that our company cooperates with this program”, says HAVEP’s CEO Anna van Puijenbroek. “HAVEP wants circular company clothing to become the norm. For this we continuously develop innovative sustainable solutions for our products and services for our customers. Think about the clothing containers mentioned earlier and a repair service to make clothing last longer. But also the Cradle to Cradle collection of work clothing that we deliver from stock and clothing that can be ordered in circular polyester and circular Tencel. We also want to use more and more recycled clothing as input for new clothing. This is currently in development. The cuttings from our workshops are used as input for punch bags and the collected clothing is already being processed into new products. All these initiatives contribute towards the sustainability of our company, the global economy and our planet. By signing the Green Deal we commit ourselves to the promise with which our 150-year-old family business can grow in a sustainable world for many generations. We are happy to be able to contribute to the ambition in creating a circular Flanders”.


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