Metal & Machine Industry

The metal and machine industry is a dynamic branch full of new (and younger) workers who don’t have the experience of the permanent staff. It is amongst them that up to eight times more accidents occur than amongst their more experienced colleagues. An accurate risk assessment and matching work outfit is therefore essential. Let yourself be advised by our specialists and you can go to work safely.


  • Délais de livraison fiables et flexibles
  • Vaste expertise en vêtements de sécurité
  • Analyse de sécurité en vue d’offrir la meilleure protection
  • Analyse et conseils quant aux tenues actuelles
  • Service de réparation
  • Autorité en matière de risques pour la sécurité
  • Conseillers spécialisés et certifiés AVAG
  • Solide expérience en normalisation

Norms for the Metal & Machine Industry

The work wear and safety clothing of Havep complies with the latest ISO and EN standards.
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